Gumbo Green

ARC of Greater New Orleans

The ARC has the mission of serving and helping improve the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental challenges from birth through adulthood. The 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization engages in a variety of efforts throughout the city as a part of its mission, including running a day care center, a landscaping operation and an extensive garden, out of which a variety of soups are produced and marketed as Vintage Garden Soups. One of ARC’s divisions, the Louisiana Green Corps, works to train disadvantaged youth work skills in “green” trades, such as deconstruction of houses, weatherization, energy efficient home retrofits, and the ever-popular recycling of Mardi Gras beads. The organization, which serves citizens of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes, is committed to securing for all people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop, function and live to their fullest potential.

Bayou Rebirth

Founded in 2007, Bayou Rebirth is a 501(c)3 non-profit that preserves and restores communities in South Louisiana through hands-on wetlands restoration and stewardship projects.

They take local and visiting volunteers into the wetlands to learn how to plant grasses and trees. They also teach local students how to build and maintain nurseries of plants which they ultimately plant themselves in local wetlands.

Green Light New Orleans

Even one hour of your time is enough to change the light bulbs in a home! You can also get your friends, your church, your university, your coworkers and your community involved. Green Light New Orleans sends out volunteers 7 days a week, anytime between 9-5pm.

Green Light New Orleans enables low and fixed income households to switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) which reduce carbon emissions and utility costs. Their strategy is to actually go to the homes of New Orleans residents and install the CFLs with their help. The mission of the program is to have a positive environmental impact by increasing the use of CFLs, helping low income residents reduce their utility bills and creating a connection between the volunteers and recipients of the service so the bulbs are put to immediate use. The service is free. We change awareness as we change the bulbs, planting a seed that teaches participants that small changes can make a difference in combating the effects of global warming and rebuilding in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

The Green Project

The Green Project operates a warehouse store that resells high-quality, salvaged building materials at low cost to the community. The store is dedicated to helping the environment by reducing the amount of usable materials placed in landfills or disposed of improperly. People can bring reusable building materials to the warehouse store, or they can pick them up for a small fee.


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